Out of Somnia

Session 17 - The Short Road

Wherein the heroes find an alternative way back to Hammerfast.

6:10pm, 22 Eleasis, 926PR

Before the dust had settled from battle, two beams of light arose from the ground next to Rosesand’s corpse. A pair of what appeared to be angels floated up through the ground and observed the scene silently. Another moment later a third figure ascended from the earth, recognizable as that which graced the cover of the Book of Mor’os: The Raven Queen. The figure grew in size, towering over Rosesand’s prone form and the silent angels. Then in an instant the figure withdrew back into the ground, leaving behind only the party’s banner and a big toe, amid a thousand shards of jade.

With little more than a passing comment, the rest of the party turned their attention to freeing Gulliver from his bonds. The final shackle lay incomplete in a pool on the ground. Any attempts to interact with the light proved futile. Individuals were able to touch Gulliver through the shackles and even dig underneath them, but they remained immobile. With Nom explaining that the shackles were no longer causing Gulliver pain, the heroes decided to seek a method for removing them. Following a spot of nimble thinking, Anon used equally nimble hands to capture some of the light with his thieving mirror, filling a number of water skins with the substance.

The dozen dwarves, now free of the burden of carrying the Goblinator, offered that a scrying stone was nearby and could be used to communicate with Hammerfast. After a period of indecision, the party headed south towards the stone, only a few hours walk away.

9:00pm, 22 Eleasis, 926PR

On reaching the scrying stone the dwarves began to chant, and in no time the party were speaking to Commander Morgoff in Hammerfast. On being told of the mysterious shackles made of light, Morgoff consulted with one of his mages, who advised that the substance would need to be studied for a period before any conclusions could be drawn.

The mage also offered the location of an ancient portal in the woods a short distance from the party’s location. Anon, Spork and Xeraphax decided to proceed there, while Bola and Nom headed back towards Gulliver, with the dwarves in tow.

After travelling a short distance, the dwarves began muttering amongst themselves, before announcing to the cleric and the monk that since there were three party members heading to the portal and only two back to the goblin, and since their mission was to carry the Goblinator to Gulliver and was now complete, they were heading back to join the other party members and return to Hammerfast. With a shrug of the shoulders the pair decided that they too would rejoin the others.

4:30am, 23 Eleasis, 926PR

Bola, Nom and the dwarves finally caught up with the rest of the party as they reached the forest containing the portal. The trees there seemed sentient, and slightly menacing. As Nom snapped a twig in an attempt to elicit a reaction, Xeraphax hugged a tree, trying to cheer the place up a bit.

Having elicited no immediately apparent reaction, the party continued, reaching a clearing containing an overgrown arch. As they approached, the heroes saw a tree within the clearing split in two and uproot from the ground as a pair of dryads evidently aggrieved by their presence. The party made short work of the dryads, reducing them to kindling in a matter of seconds.



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