Out of Somnia

Session 36 - They Look Like Ants

Wherein the heroes divide their attention but make good progress.

Party is awoken by Gulliver.
Gulliver is pulling a train load of dwarves led by Morgoff.
Morgoff advises the dwarves will be marching on the goblin citadel.
Party advises it will travel ahead to confront The Chosen One.
Nom has mysterious conversation with goblin captive.
Gulliver carries party and captive towards spire, stomping on villages and encampments along the way.
Door at base of spire is locked. Gulliver smashes door with The Goblinator.
Party enters spire to scene of carnage.
Nom releases captive.
Party ascends staircase around circumference of spire.
Party triggers trap, releasing rolling boulders.
First boulder rolls over top of party
Rosesand obstructs path of remaining boulders.



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