Out of Somnia

Session 14 - How to Win Friends and Influence Goblins
Wherein the heroes find a new ally.

5:35am, 16 Eleasis, 926PR

As the heroes caught their breath, Anon returned nonchalantly to the room, having spent some time exploring. The dwarf, named Galdain, seemed excited to report the events to Commander Morgoff and led the party back towards the town square. As they approached, however, the heroes heard a commotion, and on arrival found themselves staring at a goblin, easily thirty feet tall, laying waste to the square and its occupants.

Eschewing the tantalisingly accessible exit, the party engaged in battle. Most of the party was able to dispatch the threat offered by the smaller goblins while Nom distracted the giant by climbing on to its shoulders. The creature flew into a rage at this affront, and focused all its energy on trying to catch the monk.

What happened next defied logical explanation. Nom stood perfectly still, allowing the goblin to finally grab him. The goblin promptly swallowed Nom whole, before expelling him a moment later. As Nom shouted to his allies to stop attacking the giant goblin, it proceeded to turn on the other goblins.

With the battle turned on its ear, its conclusion came swiftly. The giant goblin made short work of the rest of its former allies. The square fell silent momentarily, before the giant goblin roared and leapt back over the town wall heading west.

Session 13 - Rude Awakening
Wherein the heroes opt for less conventional means to plug a hole.

5:30am, 16 Eleasis, 926PR


The party awoke to the sound of a massive explosion. With no time to investigate Anon’s disappearance, the rest of the party joined the dwarves that were rushing down the hall towards another room in the barracks. There they found an enormous hole in the wall, with a horde of goblins rushing in.

The party appeared to have the battle in hand, while the dwarves attempted to barricade the breach with benches, beds and anything else they could find. The appearance of a displacer beast put the party’s ascendancy in doubt, until Xeraphax summoned the spirit of the Dawnforge mountains itself, delivering an earthquake that partially filled the breach and halted the incoming tide of goblins.

With able assistance from the single remaining dwarf, the party completed the barricade and finished off the goblins and their pet.

Session 12 - Hit the Button
Wherein the heroes blow something up.

3:00pm, 15 Eleasis, 926PR

The party reached the tunnel leading to the cave as described. With the element of surprise on their side, the heroes gained the advantage against the goblins there. Things turned sour, however, when it was discovered that the goblins had with them an owlbear, which took a particular liking to Rosesand. In addition the spiked-chain-wielding hobgoblin made the battle particularly challenging, but with their backs to the wall, the party stared down death and emerged victorious.

With the sound of goblin chatter drifting through the tunnels towards them, the heroes quickly planted the explosive stones and made their exit. Once they made their way to a safe distance, the button was pressed. The resultant shaking of the ground signified the party’s mission was complete.

4:30pm, 15 Eleasis, 926PR

Upon returning to Hammerfast, the party was presented with a small but intricate and expensive-looking statuette as a token of the dwarves’ appreciation. Commander Morgoff also gave the heroes a small stone cube, which he said would glow if their assistance was required again in future. Morgoff was more than willing to accommodate the party’s request for a night’s rest in town. After a quiet evening in a tavern enjoying the local dwarven ale, the party retired to their quarters, deep in the barracks under Hammerfast.

5:30am, 16 Eleasis, 926PR


Session 11 - For the Greater Good
Wherein the heroes agree to risk life and limb for no monetary reward.

12:00pm, 15 Eleasis, 926PR

After taking the unconscious goblin prisoner the heroes arrived at Hammerfast, where the creature’s presence drew significant interest from the dwarves that greeted the party. The dwarves identified the goblin as Thar, the infamous rider of the equally infamous three-headed dragon Calastryx.

The party learned from Commander Morgoff that the goblins had breached the outer wall, and was requested to render aid in the form of the destruction by explosives of a cave system in the western foothills below Hammerfast. The party agreed to undertake the task after waiting for Nom to return.

2:30pm, 15 Eleasis, 926PR

The party headed out of Hammerfast through a dwarf-hole and followed a long-unused path towards the cave. On the way the heroes ran into a mob of goblins accompanied by an ettin. A brief, bloody moment later the party was on its way again.

Session 10 - What Moral Dilemma?
Wherein the heroes shake off a momentary bout of compassion.

2:00pm, 14 Eleasis, 926PR

The drow stood before the party, hands up and head down, utterly defeated. Bola and Nom silently returned to the bar as Rosesand tied the captive to a chair.

The owner of the inn, a gruff but kind dwarf named Dolgur Farlode, emerged from the kitchen into the common room to investigate the commotion, and on seeing the mess began to mutter and curse to himself in dwarven before walking back into the kitchen.

Rosesand, Spork, Xeraphax and Anon left Bola and Nom at the bar and dragged their chair-bound captive upstairs to their room. A brief interrogation revealed that the drow’s group had been hired to murder Anon and Xeraphax, but due to the workings of the assassin’s guild the name of the person that commissioned the job was unknown. The drow also gave up the payment for the contract (later found to be a sum of 6,400 gold pieces) and pleaded for his life.

While Spork and Anon were very much in favour of killing the captive, Xeraphax protested. Rosesand to discuss the matter with Dolgur, but was given precious little time before Spork called downstairs to Bola. As the minotaur made his way upstairs, Rosesand came to a realisation, and quickly rushed to catch up.

The cleric and the paladin reached their quarters at the same time, both drawing their weapons and striking from opposite sides at the drow’s neck. Bola’s blade bit first, leaving the assassin spouting blood for a moment before Rosesand’s sword finished the job, sending the head of the drow tumbling on to the floor.

Returning to the common room, the heroes found Nom still at the bar, where he mentioned something about developing a ‘new technique’ as he continued to drink. The rest of the party decided his strategy was sound, and settled in for a well-earned rest. After a hearty lunch and a delicious dinner, the party retired, although Nom refused to leave the bar.

5:30am, 15 Eleasis, 926PR

The next morning Nom was missing from the common room. The inn’s staff informed the party that he’d been taken to the local infirmary for treatment. After a quick visit to ensure his wellbeing, the party made its way to Ramander the Wise. The portal expert had completed his divination, and recounted the discoveries he had made.

The portal key, he said, activated a portal that had not yet been constructed. There was no way to tell where or when this construction was to take place. What Ramander could tell,however, was the as yet uncreated portal’s destination: The Abyss. Since the City of Doors contained several portals to The Abyss already, he reasoned, the new portal was unlikely to be constructed there. More likely was somewhere in Somnia itself, although Ramamder professed to be of no assistance in that regard.

The party decided to retrace its steps, and took the portal back to Tradegate. Master Trader Duncam, although pleased to see the heroes, knew nothing of the construction of new portals to The Abyss, and was less than receptive to the idea that he might pay to be protected from one. He did assure the party that should a portal to The Abyss ever threaten Tradegate, he would be in touch and was confident the heroes would be well rewarded for their effort.

A young boy raced out of the administration offices, waving a letter. Duncam explained that it had arrived for The Last Resort yesterday, and was scheduled to be delivered to Sigil that afternoon, but that it did look important. Affixed with the seal of the Dawnforge dwarves, the letter carried a degree of significance. It read:

Your aid is requested urgently in Hammerfast. Please make haste.

9:00am, 15 Eleasis, 926PR

After a brief montage during which the party popped in and out of various portals between Sigil and the natural world but found no clues regarding portal construction, the party decided to make its way to Hammerfast as requested. A brief enquiry led the heroes to a portal to the town of Harkenshield, east of the Dawnforge mountains and two hours by horseback to Hammerfast itself. The dwarves of Harkenshield furnished the heroes with horses for the trip and they promptly set off up the road.

As the road began to steepen the heroes were stopped by a tremendous screech from the sky. Looking up, they found its source was a three-headed dragon careering towards them, with what appeared to be nothing less than a goblin atop it. Once engaged in battle, Anon was able to subdue the goblin before the dragon fled, bloodied and beaten.

Session 9 - Sneaky Attack
Wherein the heroes are treated to a demonstration of the term 'like a wounded bull'.

12:00pm, 14 Eleasis, 926PR

Anon, Bola, Nom and Spork emerged from the sewer to find Rosesand assisting Xeraphax, who seemed to have regained some semblance of motor function. Despite the odour, the party found itself to have attained a positive reputation among the people of Sigil as the heroes made their way back to the inn.

On arrival it was decided that Nom and Rosesand would attend to the shopping needs of the group, leaving behind the rest to watch Bola turn an unwitting ale-drinker into a gnome missile. Almost immediately on their return, a trio of drow emerged upstairs and began to fire crossbow bolts at the party. Through the front door arrived another pair of drow wielding two swords each.

Half a minute later four of the five drow lay dead on the floor, the one remaining having surrendered his weapons.

Session 8 - Off a Duck's Back
Wherein the heroes discover that four heads are better than seven.

11:30am, 14 Eleasis, 926PR

With the previous battle proving more challenging with only four heroes, Rosesand decided to check on Anon and Xeraphax. The drow had recovered somewhat from his previous incapacitated state to be simply hungover. The half-elf, however, was still worse for wear. As the paladin prepared himself for some hands-on healing, Anon descended through the grate to the sewer.

He found there Bola and Spork, staring at the sewage. Suddenly Nom popped up out of the water, claiming to have found something. It is unclear whether he revealed what it was to the rest of the party.

As the four heroes rounded the corner, they saw an Abyssal Spitter in front of a silent, roiling mass of red energy swirls in a rune-scribed alcove. Inside the glow, insubstantial demonic figures stretched and twisted.

After a brutal and bloody fight, during which Bola and Nom’s combined arcane might quelled the portal and the monster grew a total of six new heads, Anon was left unconscious and his comrades were on the brink of collapse. After a moment’s rest, the heroes were back on their feet.

All player characters have reached level 12.

Session 7 - Better Out Than In
Wherein the heroes learn that a good constitution does not mean a strong stomach.

11:10am, 14 Eleasis, 926PR

With the effects of the three day bender not entirely resolved, the battle with the immolith and burning zombies took its toll on Xeraphax and Anon. The half-elf and drow spent a good deal of time throwing up while the rest of the heroes pondered their next move.

After dispatching another burning zombie that emerged from the grate, the party decided the best course of action was to investigate the source of the threat and descended into the sewer. Beside the stench, the heroes found a number of demons, including a chasme, lurking in the sewage. The ensuing battle brought new meaning to the term ‘fighting dirty’, but the heroes prevailed.

Session 6 - An Unexpected Invitation
Wherein the heroes' reputation precedes them.

2:00pm, 11 Eleasis, 926PR

After interrogating Tarvas and discovering that the source of his animosity towards Estavan and the Planar Trade Consortium was a woman, the heroes returned him to Estavan. The oni mage called in the Sons of Mercy to take Tarvas away, and thanked the party for their efforts to stop him. Describing them as the ‘saviours of the festival’, Estavan was happy to pay the astral diamond as promised.

Estavan requested the company of the heroes at the opening of the festival before sending them on their way to make his final preparations. Before leaving the party asked him about the wooden carving, assumed to be a portal key. Estavan directed the party to Ramander the Wise in the Lady’s Ward.

The party found Ramander closing up shop and about to join the festivities, but managed to capture his attention with the carving. Ramander offered his divination services to determine the location and nature of the portal with which the key was linked, claiming that he needed four days to do so. The party paid a ten per cent deposit of the 2,000 gold piece fee and left the portal key with Ramander.

All the while the festival began to get into full swing. As they made their way to the meeting point arranged with Estavan, the heroes found dancers, musicians and magicians roaming the streets, performing for passers-by.

7:00pm, 11 Eleasis, 926PR


9:00am, 14 Eleasis, 926PR

The heroes woke to find themselves in a room at an inn located in the Lady’s Ward. From their surroundings it seemed clear that they had inhabited the room for at least a day, although noone had any memories of the festival at all. On top of this, the party found itself 500 gold pieces less well off than before.

The party paid a visit to Ramander the Wise, who seemed in much better shape than they did. He politely informed them that the four days he had advised was still necessary, and asked them to please return tomorrow. With aching heads the party trudged back to the inn.

On their return the innkeeper handed them a folded piece of parchment, sealed with wax. Inside was printed in fine script an invitation to the reading of the last will and testament of Hallomak Stromm, a name none of the heroes recalled having heard before. The reading was to take place that very morning.

A sizeable crowd had gathered by the time the party arrived, but nobody seemed to know what to expect. An elderly elf who identified himself as Malineus Bleak stood atop a raised stage and began to describe the items bequeathed. The first was a flawless ruby left to The Last Resort, for ‘services yet to be rendered’.

Before he could finish describing the second item, Malineus was consumed by a burst of fire, leaving an immolith standing over his charred form. At the same time, several burning corpses crawled up through a sewer grate and began lurching toward members of the crowd. The heroes immediately swung into action and did what they do best, easily destroying the demons, but not before a bystander was cut down by one of the zombies.

Session 5 - Warehouse Showdown
Wherein the heroes thwart the evil plan and save the festival.

2:00am, 9 Eleasis, 926PR

In the overwhelming darkness of the cave a pair of eyes blinked open, casting an eerie blue light. Each of them bigger than Anon’s head, they stared at him, unblinking. In a completely unexpected move, Anon drew his dagger and stabbed one of the eyes.

The eyes blinked shut and disappeared, revealing a small round cave lit by a campfire. At the back of the cave lay a decrepit old human, who pleaded with Anon not to hurt him and to leave him alone. As the rest of the party approached it became clear that he represented no threat.

A few questions revealed the man’s name to be Malkyr, and the reason for his presence in the cave. After stumbling through a series of tunnels in the Shadowfell, Malkyr discovered the cavefire mushrooms. Desperate for food, he tried eating the mushrooms and found them so tasty he couldn’t bring himself to leave the cave. After an unknown period of time spent enjoying the mushrooms, Malkyr was unceremoniously run out of the cave by an angry dwarf, who claimed the mushrooms as his own and threatened Malkyr with death if he were ever to return. Since then Malkyr was reduced to hiding in another cave and occasionally making forays back to steal enough mushrooms to survive.

When the heroes offered to assist Malkyr in leaving the cave he declined initially, but on hearing that the dwarf was dead changed his mind and gleefully accepted the offer.

After making their way back to the mushroom cave, the party found that almost all the mushrooms had been harvested, and the body of Thom missing. A brief search turned up a few notes; the only one of interest being a map of Sigil highlighting the location of a warehouse owned by the Planar Trade Consortium, in the city’s Market Ward.

On attempting to return to the portal to Sigil, the heroes found the arrows that guided them on the way in had disappeared. Following an exhausting effort and an impressive display of arcane knowledge by Spork, the party arrived at the portal without further incident.

Back in Sigil, the party found that it was no longer night. Making their way back to the House of Song in the Hive, no trace of Tos could be found, but the overheard conversations within the festhall revealed that the Festival of Doors was scheduled to commence that evening.

12:00pm, 11 Eleasis, 926PR

The heroes left Malkyr at the House of Song, where he seemed quite happy to drink beer and chat with the locals, and made their way to the Market Ward. There they found an angry mob had formed, protesting an apparent lack of supplies for the festival, and possibly even for the city as a whole. Approaching the warehouse, the party saw through the windows a dim light that occasionally flashed bright.

Anon picked the lock on the side door and the party crept closer to the source of the flashing lights. There they found Tarvas performing a ritual using four circles engraved into the floor. Accompanying him was an assortment of demons. After a short but brutal fight the heroes prevailed.


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