Out of Somnia

Session 8 - Off a Duck's Back
Wherein the heroes discover that four heads are better than seven.

11:30am, 14 Eleasis, 926PR

With the previous battle proving more challenging with only four heroes, Rosesand decided to check on Anon and Xeraphax. The drow had recovered somewhat from his previous incapacitated state to be simply hungover. The half-elf, however, was still worse for wear. As the paladin prepared himself for some hands-on healing, Anon descended through the grate to the sewer.

He found there Bola and Spork, staring at the sewage. Suddenly Nom popped up out of the water, claiming to have found something. It is unclear whether he revealed what it was to the rest of the party.

As the four heroes rounded the corner, they saw an Abyssal Spitter in front of a silent, roiling mass of red energy swirls in a rune-scribed alcove. Inside the glow, insubstantial demonic figures stretched and twisted.

After a brutal and bloody fight, during which Bola and Nom’s combined arcane might quelled the portal and the monster grew a total of six new heads, Anon was left unconscious and his comrades were on the brink of collapse. After a moment’s rest, the heroes were back on their feet.

All player characters have reached level 12.

Session 7 - Better Out Than In
Wherein the heroes learn that a good constitution does not mean a strong stomach.

11:10am, 14 Eleasis, 926PR

With the effects of the three day bender not entirely resolved, the battle with the immolith and burning zombies took its toll on Xeraphax and Anon. The half-elf and drow spent a good deal of time throwing up while the rest of the heroes pondered their next move.

After dispatching another burning zombie that emerged from the grate, the party decided the best course of action was to investigate the source of the threat and descended into the sewer. Beside the stench, the heroes found a number of demons, including a chasme, lurking in the sewage. The ensuing battle brought new meaning to the term ‘fighting dirty’, but the heroes prevailed.

Session 6 - An Unexpected Invitation
Wherein the heroes' reputation precedes them.

2:00pm, 11 Eleasis, 926PR

After interrogating Tarvas and discovering that the source of his animosity towards Estavan and the Planar Trade Consortium was a woman, the heroes returned him to Estavan. The oni mage called in the Sons of Mercy to take Tarvas away, and thanked the party for their efforts to stop him. Describing them as the ‘saviours of the festival’, Estavan was happy to pay the astral diamond as promised.

Estavan requested the company of the heroes at the opening of the festival before sending them on their way to make his final preparations. Before leaving the party asked him about the wooden carving, assumed to be a portal key. Estavan directed the party to Ramander the Wise in the Lady’s Ward.

The party found Ramander closing up shop and about to join the festivities, but managed to capture his attention with the carving. Ramander offered his divination services to determine the location and nature of the portal with which the key was linked, claiming that he needed four days to do so. The party paid a ten per cent deposit of the 2,000 gold piece fee and left the portal key with Ramander.

All the while the festival began to get into full swing. As they made their way to the meeting point arranged with Estavan, the heroes found dancers, musicians and magicians roaming the streets, performing for passers-by.

7:00pm, 11 Eleasis, 926PR


9:00am, 14 Eleasis, 926PR

The heroes woke to find themselves in a room at an inn located in the Lady’s Ward. From their surroundings it seemed clear that they had inhabited the room for at least a day, although noone had any memories of the festival at all. On top of this, the party found itself 500 gold pieces less well off than before.

The party paid a visit to Ramander the Wise, who seemed in much better shape than they did. He politely informed them that the four days he had advised was still necessary, and asked them to please return tomorrow. With aching heads the party trudged back to the inn.

On their return the innkeeper handed them a folded piece of parchment, sealed with wax. Inside was printed in fine script an invitation to the reading of the last will and testament of Hallomak Stromm, a name none of the heroes recalled having heard before. The reading was to take place that very morning.

A sizeable crowd had gathered by the time the party arrived, but nobody seemed to know what to expect. An elderly elf who identified himself as Malineus Bleak stood atop a raised stage and began to describe the items bequeathed. The first was a flawless ruby left to The Last Resort, for ‘services yet to be rendered’.

Before he could finish describing the second item, Malineus was consumed by a burst of fire, leaving an immolith standing over his charred form. At the same time, several burning corpses crawled up through a sewer grate and began lurching toward members of the crowd. The heroes immediately swung into action and did what they do best, easily destroying the demons, but not before a bystander was cut down by one of the zombies.

Session 5 - Warehouse Showdown
Wherein the heroes thwart the evil plan and save the festival.

2:00am, 9 Eleasis, 926PR

In the overwhelming darkness of the cave a pair of eyes blinked open, casting an eerie blue light. Each of them bigger than Anon’s head, they stared at him, unblinking. In a completely unexpected move, Anon drew his dagger and stabbed one of the eyes.

The eyes blinked shut and disappeared, revealing a small round cave lit by a campfire. At the back of the cave lay a decrepit old human, who pleaded with Anon not to hurt him and to leave him alone. As the rest of the party approached it became clear that he represented no threat.

A few questions revealed the man’s name to be Malkyr, and the reason for his presence in the cave. After stumbling through a series of tunnels in the Shadowfell, Malkyr discovered the cavefire mushrooms. Desperate for food, he tried eating the mushrooms and found them so tasty he couldn’t bring himself to leave the cave. After an unknown period of time spent enjoying the mushrooms, Malkyr was unceremoniously run out of the cave by an angry dwarf, who claimed the mushrooms as his own and threatened Malkyr with death if he were ever to return. Since then Malkyr was reduced to hiding in another cave and occasionally making forays back to steal enough mushrooms to survive.

When the heroes offered to assist Malkyr in leaving the cave he declined initially, but on hearing that the dwarf was dead changed his mind and gleefully accepted the offer.

After making their way back to the mushroom cave, the party found that almost all the mushrooms had been harvested, and the body of Thom missing. A brief search turned up a few notes; the only one of interest being a map of Sigil highlighting the location of a warehouse owned by the Planar Trade Consortium, in the city’s Market Ward.

On attempting to return to the portal to Sigil, the heroes found the arrows that guided them on the way in had disappeared. Following an exhausting effort and an impressive display of arcane knowledge by Spork, the party arrived at the portal without further incident.

Back in Sigil, the party found that it was no longer night. Making their way back to the House of Song in the Hive, no trace of Tos could be found, but the overheard conversations within the festhall revealed that the Festival of Doors was scheduled to commence that evening.

12:00pm, 11 Eleasis, 926PR

The heroes left Malkyr at the House of Song, where he seemed quite happy to drink beer and chat with the locals, and made their way to the Market Ward. There they found an angry mob had formed, protesting an apparent lack of supplies for the festival, and possibly even for the city as a whole. Approaching the warehouse, the party saw through the windows a dim light that occasionally flashed bright.

Anon picked the lock on the side door and the party crept closer to the source of the flashing lights. There they found Tarvas performing a ritual using four circles engraved into the floor. Accompanying him was an assortment of demons. After a short but brutal fight the heroes prevailed.

Session 4 - Shadowfell Spelunking
Wherein the heroes locate their sought-after contact and proceed to extort her.

5:10pm, 8 Eleasis, 926PR

The battle with the barlguras and demons ended swiftly and decisively once the heroes refocused their efforts and concentrated on one enemy at a time. The eladrin’s crumpled form changed into a swarm of beetles which skittered away in all directions before themselves crumbling to dust, revealing her to be a lamia. All that remained was her robe, which contained a mysterious magic item and a handful of notes.

Now with time to assess their surroundings, the heroes looked up to see that the roof that the lamia, a demon, and the escaped human were standing on belonged to the House of Song, the same place named on the flyer they had found earlier. The merchants that had been observing the battle through windows while hiding safely indoors began to emerge, congratulating the party on their efforts in dispatching the monsters.

One of the merchants, a halfling named Barto Turnfin, revealed himself to be a supplier to the Planar Trade Consortium, in particular of the ice apples required for the Festival of Doors. He told the party that the human that fled had been seen inside the House of Song earlier in the day. When pressed for more information, Barto offered that his supply of ice apples had been under threat, but he had successfully managed to make his delivery. Tos’ cavefire wine, he said, was the most at risk, and Tos herself was also in the House of Song.

The party approached Tos, and after explaining their purpose, she told them her brother Thom had been on an expedition to the Shadowfell to harvest the cavefire mushrooms for the Festival’s supply of wine, but was due back yesterday morning and hadn’t returned. He’d never been late before, explained Tos, who confessed to being extremely concerned for Thom’s wellbeing. She also revealed that the name of the human they’d seen was Tarvas, who Tos believed to be behind the attacks on the supplies to the festival.

Tos asked the party if they’d found any information from the slain lamia. Bola read the notes and found they described the commissioning of a demon summoning ritual by Tarvas, with the instructions to send the demons to the Shadowfell. Instead of revealing this to Tos, the party demanded payment for their assistance. Tos offered five hundred gold pieces and implored the party to act quickly, as she suspected her brother might be in mortal danger. She also gave them a ceramic disc as a key and directions to the portal used by her brother. When the party enquired about a location to rest, Tos pleaded once again for haste, before hurrying away, muttering to herself in dwarven. The party found an inn without much difficulty and took a rest.

1:00am, 9 Eleasis, 926PR

After arising and making their way to the portal, the heroes found themselves in a cave containing various tools and equipment. The only light was an ambient glow emanating from the cave’s only exit. Following the arrows painted on the tunnel walls, the party arrived at a larger cave filled with glowing mushrooms. Next to a small pool of water lay the corpse of a dwarf, but further investigation was interrupted by the sound of a pod demon lurking at the back of the cave.

The heroes engaged in battle with the pod demon and its spawn, promptly turning them into a puddle of slime on the floor of the cave but not before being splashed repeatedly by the acidic exploding pod spawn. All the while, the cave shook and rocks fell around the battle, one striking Xeraphax square on his head.

The party returned to the corpse of the fallen dwarf and had the cleric perform the Speak With Dead ritual on it. After the ritual failed to reveal any useful information, the heroes decided to continue exploring the caves of the Shadowfell. Anon was sent to scout a tunnel, and found that it continued to narrow and descend. No light came from up ahead, but a noxious stench grew stronger and stronger. While awaiting his return, the rest of the party discovered that the mysterious magic item found on the lamia was a Stone of Wind.

1:45am, 9 Eleasis, 926PR

Upon his reporting back to the party regarding the tunnel, the rest of the group decided to follow Anon down it at a discreet distance. Eventually the tunnel became relatively cramped, in particular for Bola and Rosesand, while a noise up ahead grew louder as Anon approached. A gibbering, snarling, growling, cursing noise. Soon enough, in pitch darkness, the tunnel opened into a cave, Anon standing at its mouth and the rest of the party some fifty feet behind.

Session 3 - Gatehouse Night Market
Wherein the heroes get in a fight.

5:00pm, 8 Eleasis, 926PR

The heroes made their way through the Gatehouse Night Market while various stalls and shops were in the process of being set up. As they rounded a corner out of an alley, they were confronted by a hostile group in an area devoid of merchants, although plenty of stalls were present. The apparent leader, a male human, stood atop a roof with the eladrin woman the party had encountered in Tradegate. Accompanying them were pairs of ogre bludgeoneers, arctide runespiral demons and bloodcry barlguras.

A vicious battle ensued during which the ogres proved to be little threat, while the demons, barlguras and the human displayed a measure of brutality not seen by the party since before their showdown with The Other Guys. Anon’s bravado proved his undoing as he was surrounded and cut off from his comrades while he lay dying on the ground. Spork was also cut down briefly before being rescued.

Nom’s first hand experience with razorvine failed to prevent him from frequently finding face with fist and foot alike. Rosesand’s blade steadfastly refused to draw blood except in aid of others. Bola traded blows with a barlgura, grimly determined to capture its soul in his helm, before the compulsion to assist his fellow adventurers drew him back to the group. To everyone’s surprise and noticed even in the midst of heavy combat, Xeraphax used his feet for more than standing, skirting the skrimish and even drawing the ire of a barlgura himself.

A short while after the battle started, the human disappeared. With significant bloodshed on both sides, the battle rages on…

Session 2 - Tradegate
Wherein the heroes learnt to entreat with demons.

12:30pm, 8 Eleasis, 926PR

After the portal in the crypt was reactivated, the heroes returned to Slumberton to find Crale’s Arcane Wonders empty. A brief search revealed a back room containing a door concealing a brick wall, which turned out to be a portal to the town of Tradegate.

In Tradegate the heroes discovered all the townspeople asleep, and some strange glowing lights at the town square. They found an female eladrin performing a ritual using rods placed in the ground, seemingly to disrupt or destroy the portal that gave the town its name.

The eladrin was guarded by a number of cyclopses and a pair of demons. The party managed to dispatch their foes in short order, although not before the eladrin escaped through the portal after shape-shifting into a male human.

After the townspeople awoke, the heroes spoke to Master Trader Duncam, the administrator of the portal. While unable to shed any light on the identity of the eladrin, he was able to provide the party with the key to the portal: the phrase “the centre of all things.” After a brief stop at the local ritual shop, the party made their way through the portal to Sigil.

4:00pm, 8 Eleasis, 926PR

Immediately beyond the other side of the portal, the party discovered a discarded flyer for the House of Song at the Gatehouse Night Market in Sigil. On the back of the flyer was scrawled the name Tarvas.

The heroes sought out the raavasta named A’kin, the owner of the Friendly Fiend, a magical trinket shop in the Hive. Despite his friendly and outgoing demeanour, A’kin couldn’t mask an undertone of tension, which seemed to pervade the entire populace. It seemed the cause of this tension was an increasing shortage of food, drink and other essentials within Sigil. Rumour had it riots had even begun to break out.

The adventurers also discovered that the supplier of cavefire wine to the Festival of Doors was Tos, a female dwarf. After making their way to the Gatehouse Night Market, the party found only a handful of merchants in the process of setting up their stalls for the night.

Session 1 - Supply, Interrupted
Wherein the heroes discover that things are not always as they seem.

11:00am, 8 Eleasis, 926PR

The Last Resort was enjoying some R&R after defeating The Other Guys to the MacGuffin in the local Slumberton Inn when they were approached by Nera. She told us that an Oni Mage called Estavan had a job for us, if we were willing to listen, and paid 10pp up front.

The party went upstairs to meet with Estavan who gave us the quest, Supply, Interrupted and directed us to meet with a local trader by the name of Fesdin Crale who would be able to sell us a key to a nearby portal which would take us to Sigil to begin our quest.

The party went to Crale’s Arcane Wonders and met with someone they believe to be Fesdin Crale, who sold them a key to the Slumberton Portal.

On entering the Slumberton Portal the party found itself in a crypt with seemingly no exits, and several beasties who were quite eager to put an end to us. The party managed to kill four wights, while a Phase Spider that was in the room managed to escape.

Session 0 - Prelude

The heroes defeated their arch-rivals, The Other Guys, and retrieved the Magic MacGuffin.


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