Out of Somnia

Session 33 - Guarded
Wherein the heroes find the laws of physics suspended briefly.

Party reaches volcano.
Party finds side entrance.
Party discovers iron golem protecting dragon’s hoard.
Party fights iron golem.
Golem and party member(s) fall into lava but do not die.

Session 32 - Daaaaah dum
Wherein the heroes discover the local fauna.

Party completes extended rest.
Party enters goblin encampment.
No goblins to be found.
Party instead finds and fights ice toads.
Party heads for mountain range and follows it towards volcano.
Party encounters bulette.
Max decapitates bulette in one shot.
Party enters cave.
Party fights pudding.

Session 31 - Rise and Shine a Lantern
Wherein the heroes get up on the wrong side of the bedroll.

Gulliver requires rest after fighting iron dragon.
Party camps at Gulliver’s side.
Party is awoken by alarm ritual cast by Rosesand.
Party fights lots of goblins.

Session 30 - Again?
Wherein the heroes feel a sense of déjà vu.

Gulliver fights iron dragon.
Party fights images of The Other Guys.

Session 29 - Realignment
Wherein the heroes take charge.

Party returns book to Baba Yaga and obtains Rod of Realignment.
Party returns to Gulliver.
Party frees Gulliver.
Party returns to Hammerfast with Gulliver to report success and rally troops.
Party takes Gulliver beyond the front line towards the goblin empire.

Session 28 - Self-inflicted
Wherein the heroes are historically accurate.

Party fights Hitler.

Session 27 - Worlds Collide
Wherein the heroes' horizons are broadened.

Party is sent to Earth to collect the original manuscript of a book by Adol Fitler.
Party finds and enters building signed with swastikas.
Party fights SS troops.

Session 26 - Trust Issues
Wherein the heroes place their faith in the honour of a prisoner.

Party finds the Hall of Gateways and chooses not to fight the volcanic dragon there.
Party releases hag from the Bestiary on a promise to lead the party to Baba Yaga.
Hag sets other imprisoned beasts free before leading party back to servants quarters.
Freed beasts follow party; hag escapes while they fight.
Rosesand recruits undead beholder to his cause.
Xeraphax calls out to Baba Yaga to show herself. Mortar and pestle appears and carries party to Baba Yaga’s chambers.
Baba Yaga agrees to give the party the Rod of Realignment if the party can complete a task to prove its worth.

Session 25 - Goal!
Wherein the heroes get a bit pushy.

Party fights servants in servants’ quarters.

Session 24 - The Floor is Lava
Wherein the heroes get all hot and bothered.

Party fights smithy.


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