Out of Somnia

Session 17 - The Short Road
Wherein the heroes find an alternative way back to Hammerfast.

6:10pm, 22 Eleasis, 926PR

Before the dust had settled from battle, two beams of light arose from the ground next to Rosesand’s corpse. A pair of what appeared to be angels floated up through the ground and observed the scene silently. Another moment later a third figure ascended from the earth, recognizable as that which graced the cover of the Book of Mor’os: The Raven Queen. The figure grew in size, towering over Rosesand’s prone form and the silent angels. Then in an instant the figure withdrew back into the ground, leaving behind only the party’s banner and a big toe, amid a thousand shards of jade.

With little more than a passing comment, the rest of the party turned their attention to freeing Gulliver from his bonds. The final shackle lay incomplete in a pool on the ground. Any attempts to interact with the light proved futile. Individuals were able to touch Gulliver through the shackles and even dig underneath them, but they remained immobile. With Nom explaining that the shackles were no longer causing Gulliver pain, the heroes decided to seek a method for removing them. Following a spot of nimble thinking, Anon used equally nimble hands to capture some of the light with his thieving mirror, filling a number of water skins with the substance.

The dozen dwarves, now free of the burden of carrying the Goblinator, offered that a scrying stone was nearby and could be used to communicate with Hammerfast. After a period of indecision, the party headed south towards the stone, only a few hours walk away.

9:00pm, 22 Eleasis, 926PR

On reaching the scrying stone the dwarves began to chant, and in no time the party were speaking to Commander Morgoff in Hammerfast. On being told of the mysterious shackles made of light, Morgoff consulted with one of his mages, who advised that the substance would need to be studied for a period before any conclusions could be drawn.

The mage also offered the location of an ancient portal in the woods a short distance from the party’s location. Anon, Spork and Xeraphax decided to proceed there, while Bola and Nom headed back towards Gulliver, with the dwarves in tow.

After travelling a short distance, the dwarves began muttering amongst themselves, before announcing to the cleric and the monk that since there were three party members heading to the portal and only two back to the goblin, and since their mission was to carry the Goblinator to Gulliver and was now complete, they were heading back to join the other party members and return to Hammerfast. With a shrug of the shoulders the pair decided that they too would rejoin the others.

4:30am, 23 Eleasis, 926PR

Bola, Nom and the dwarves finally caught up with the rest of the party as they reached the forest containing the portal. The trees there seemed sentient, and slightly menacing. As Nom snapped a twig in an attempt to elicit a reaction, Xeraphax hugged a tree, trying to cheer the place up a bit.

Having elicited no immediately apparent reaction, the party continued, reaching a clearing containing an overgrown arch. As they approached, the heroes saw a tree within the clearing split in two and uproot from the ground as a pair of dryads evidently aggrieved by their presence. The party made short work of the dryads, reducing them to kindling in a matter of seconds.

Session 16 - Gulliver's Shackles
Wherein the heroes perform an immediate interrupt.

6:00pm, 22 Eleasis, 926PR

Having leapt on to Gulliver’s foot, Nom discovered the giant goblin’s ankles, neck and wrists bound by a mysterious and colourful light. Four ritulaists surrounded Gulliver’s left wrist, evidently close to completing the final binding.

Quite unsurprisingly, the party’s blunt arrival drew the attention of a sizable number of guards. A vicious battle ensued, with the party finally succeeding in stopping the ritual and freeing Gulliver’s arm. Grabbing the Goblinator, the goblin thrashed with it at his captors.

With almost poetic timing, the first blow headed straight for Rosesand at the instant the life faded from the deva’s eyes, crushing him and the half-dozen goblins still with their swords stuck in him.

Session 15 - Go West
Wherein the heroes employ the best defence.

5:40am, 16 Eleasis, 926PR

Amidst a gathering audience of vocal admirers, Nom declined the opportunity to clean himself up after having been inside the goblin. With casual indifference, the githzerai inspected the corpse of the goblin curser and found a trinket he could use as a new ki focus. After a few minutes, Commander Morgoff arrived to offer thanks on behalf of the city.

Retiring to Morgoff’s office, Nom remained coy about how he’d managed to turn the goblin on its allies, and the conversation shifted quickly to pursuit of the giant. When asked if the dwarves could construct a weapon of appropriate size, Morgoff was more than willing to have his masons replicate the construction techniques evident in the stone weapons of the smaller daggers, and set them to the task.

After inviting the heroes to attend a feast in their honour later in the day, Morgoff gave them access to the armory. Amongst the thousands of dwarf-sized weapons and armor, the party found little of interest. Spork happened upon a bow string of an incredibly strong weave, while Rosesand found a stand replete with armor, helm, lance and sword. While the helm fit perfectly and the lance displayed exceptional balance, the deva found himself unable to don the armor or wield the sword.

3:00pm, 16 Eleasis, 926PR

The heroes attended the feast, where their names were toasted more times than could be counted.

10:00am, 17 Eleasis, 926PR

The next morning, Morgoff took the party to inspect the giant weapon. The heroes were somewhat surprised when the commander acceded to their request for a group of dwarves to carry the monstrous item. With little fanfare, the party was on its way west.

The enormous goblin tracks were understandably easy to locate, and indicated the goblin had travelled at a vigorous speed. With the dwarves seemingly in no need of rest, the party cotinued following the tracks through the night.

6:00am, 18 Eleasis, 926PR

As dawn broke the following morning, Spork’s keen eye discerned that the tracks left by the goblin were in fact getting bigger. After only a brief time to contemplate the fact, the tracks veered south slightly. Before the sun had reached its zenith, the heroes came across a bloody battlefield, strewn with parts of goblins. The party pressed on, following the tracks eagerly.

By the time the sun had begun to set, the party decided to make camp. After an uneventuful night, the tracking continued. For four days the heroes pursued the giant goblin, passing scenes of carnage where it had encountered the apparently sizable goblin army. The tracks left by the goblin indicated the creature had at least doubled in size.

6:00pm, 22 Eleasis, 926PR

Just as the sun was reaching the horizon ahead, the heroes saw the vague silhouette of a strange structure up ahead. As they approached, it became clear that the structure was in fact the goblin’s feet, soles facing the party. Dismissive of the sounds that indicate it was not alone, Nom raced to the giant, the rest of the party hot on his heels.

Session 14 - How to Win Friends and Influence Goblins
Wherein the heroes find a new ally.

5:35am, 16 Eleasis, 926PR

As the heroes caught their breath, Anon returned nonchalantly to the room, having spent some time exploring. The dwarf, named Galdain, seemed excited to report the events to Commander Morgoff and led the party back towards the town square. As they approached, however, the heroes heard a commotion, and on arrival found themselves staring at a goblin, easily thirty feet tall, laying waste to the square and its occupants.

Eschewing the tantalisingly accessible exit, the party engaged in battle. Most of the party was able to dispatch the threat offered by the smaller goblins while Nom distracted the giant by climbing on to its shoulders. The creature flew into a rage at this affront, and focused all its energy on trying to catch the monk.

What happened next defied logical explanation. Nom stood perfectly still, allowing the goblin to finally grab him. The goblin promptly swallowed Nom whole, before expelling him a moment later. As Nom shouted to his allies to stop attacking the giant goblin, it proceeded to turn on the other goblins.

With the battle turned on its ear, its conclusion came swiftly. The giant goblin made short work of the rest of its former allies. The square fell silent momentarily, before the giant goblin roared and leapt back over the town wall heading west.

Session 13 - Rude Awakening
Wherein the heroes opt for less conventional means to plug a hole.

5:30am, 16 Eleasis, 926PR


The party awoke to the sound of a massive explosion. With no time to investigate Anon’s disappearance, the rest of the party joined the dwarves that were rushing down the hall towards another room in the barracks. There they found an enormous hole in the wall, with a horde of goblins rushing in.

The party appeared to have the battle in hand, while the dwarves attempted to barricade the breach with benches, beds and anything else they could find. The appearance of a displacer beast put the party’s ascendancy in doubt, until Xeraphax summoned the spirit of the Dawnforge mountains itself, delivering an earthquake that partially filled the breach and halted the incoming tide of goblins.

With able assistance from the single remaining dwarf, the party completed the barricade and finished off the goblins and their pet.

Session 12 - Hit the Button
Wherein the heroes blow something up.

3:00pm, 15 Eleasis, 926PR

The party reached the tunnel leading to the cave as described. With the element of surprise on their side, the heroes gained the advantage against the goblins there. Things turned sour, however, when it was discovered that the goblins had with them an owlbear, which took a particular liking to Rosesand. In addition the spiked-chain-wielding hobgoblin made the battle particularly challenging, but with their backs to the wall, the party stared down death and emerged victorious.

With the sound of goblin chatter drifting through the tunnels towards them, the heroes quickly planted the explosive stones and made their exit. Once they made their way to a safe distance, the button was pressed. The resultant shaking of the ground signified the party’s mission was complete.

4:30pm, 15 Eleasis, 926PR

Upon returning to Hammerfast, the party was presented with a small but intricate and expensive-looking statuette as a token of the dwarves’ appreciation. Commander Morgoff also gave the heroes a small stone cube, which he said would glow if their assistance was required again in future. Morgoff was more than willing to accommodate the party’s request for a night’s rest in town. After a quiet evening in a tavern enjoying the local dwarven ale, the party retired to their quarters, deep in the barracks under Hammerfast.

5:30am, 16 Eleasis, 926PR


Session 11 - For the Greater Good
Wherein the heroes agree to risk life and limb for no monetary reward.

12:00pm, 15 Eleasis, 926PR

After taking the unconscious goblin prisoner the heroes arrived at Hammerfast, where the creature’s presence drew significant interest from the dwarves that greeted the party. The dwarves identified the goblin as Thar, the infamous rider of the equally infamous three-headed dragon Calastryx.

The party learned from Commander Morgoff that the goblins had breached the outer wall, and was requested to render aid in the form of the destruction by explosives of a cave system in the western foothills below Hammerfast. The party agreed to undertake the task after waiting for Nom to return.

2:30pm, 15 Eleasis, 926PR

The party headed out of Hammerfast through a dwarf-hole and followed a long-unused path towards the cave. On the way the heroes ran into a mob of goblins accompanied by an ettin. A brief, bloody moment later the party was on its way again.

Session 10 - What Moral Dilemma?
Wherein the heroes shake off a momentary bout of compassion.

2:00pm, 14 Eleasis, 926PR

The drow stood before the party, hands up and head down, utterly defeated. Bola and Nom silently returned to the bar as Rosesand tied the captive to a chair.

The owner of the inn, a gruff but kind dwarf named Dolgur Farlode, emerged from the kitchen into the common room to investigate the commotion, and on seeing the mess began to mutter and curse to himself in dwarven before walking back into the kitchen.

Rosesand, Spork, Xeraphax and Anon left Bola and Nom at the bar and dragged their chair-bound captive upstairs to their room. A brief interrogation revealed that the drow’s group had been hired to murder Anon and Xeraphax, but due to the workings of the assassin’s guild the name of the person that commissioned the job was unknown. The drow also gave up the payment for the contract (later found to be a sum of 6,400 gold pieces) and pleaded for his life.

While Spork and Anon were very much in favour of killing the captive, Xeraphax protested. Rosesand to discuss the matter with Dolgur, but was given precious little time before Spork called downstairs to Bola. As the minotaur made his way upstairs, Rosesand came to a realisation, and quickly rushed to catch up.

The cleric and the paladin reached their quarters at the same time, both drawing their weapons and striking from opposite sides at the drow’s neck. Bola’s blade bit first, leaving the assassin spouting blood for a moment before Rosesand’s sword finished the job, sending the head of the drow tumbling on to the floor.

Returning to the common room, the heroes found Nom still at the bar, where he mentioned something about developing a ‘new technique’ as he continued to drink. The rest of the party decided his strategy was sound, and settled in for a well-earned rest. After a hearty lunch and a delicious dinner, the party retired, although Nom refused to leave the bar.

5:30am, 15 Eleasis, 926PR

The next morning Nom was missing from the common room. The inn’s staff informed the party that he’d been taken to the local infirmary for treatment. After a quick visit to ensure his wellbeing, the party made its way to Ramander the Wise. The portal expert had completed his divination, and recounted the discoveries he had made.

The portal key, he said, activated a portal that had not yet been constructed. There was no way to tell where or when this construction was to take place. What Ramander could tell,however, was the as yet uncreated portal’s destination: The Abyss. Since the City of Doors contained several portals to The Abyss already, he reasoned, the new portal was unlikely to be constructed there. More likely was somewhere in Somnia itself, although Ramamder professed to be of no assistance in that regard.

The party decided to retrace its steps, and took the portal back to Tradegate. Master Trader Duncam, although pleased to see the heroes, knew nothing of the construction of new portals to The Abyss, and was less than receptive to the idea that he might pay to be protected from one. He did assure the party that should a portal to The Abyss ever threaten Tradegate, he would be in touch and was confident the heroes would be well rewarded for their effort.

A young boy raced out of the administration offices, waving a letter. Duncam explained that it had arrived for The Last Resort yesterday, and was scheduled to be delivered to Sigil that afternoon, but that it did look important. Affixed with the seal of the Dawnforge dwarves, the letter carried a degree of significance. It read:

Your aid is requested urgently in Hammerfast. Please make haste.

9:00am, 15 Eleasis, 926PR

After a brief montage during which the party popped in and out of various portals between Sigil and the natural world but found no clues regarding portal construction, the party decided to make its way to Hammerfast as requested. A brief enquiry led the heroes to a portal to the town of Harkenshield, east of the Dawnforge mountains and two hours by horseback to Hammerfast itself. The dwarves of Harkenshield furnished the heroes with horses for the trip and they promptly set off up the road.

As the road began to steepen the heroes were stopped by a tremendous screech from the sky. Looking up, they found its source was a three-headed dragon careering towards them, with what appeared to be nothing less than a goblin atop it. Once engaged in battle, Anon was able to subdue the goblin before the dragon fled, bloodied and beaten.

Session 9 - Sneaky Attack
Wherein the heroes are treated to a demonstration of the term 'like a wounded bull'.

12:00pm, 14 Eleasis, 926PR

Anon, Bola, Nom and Spork emerged from the sewer to find Rosesand assisting Xeraphax, who seemed to have regained some semblance of motor function. Despite the odour, the party found itself to have attained a positive reputation among the people of Sigil as the heroes made their way back to the inn.

On arrival it was decided that Nom and Rosesand would attend to the shopping needs of the group, leaving behind the rest to watch Bola turn an unwitting ale-drinker into a gnome missile. Almost immediately on their return, a trio of drow emerged upstairs and began to fire crossbow bolts at the party. Through the front door arrived another pair of drow wielding two swords each.

Half a minute later four of the five drow lay dead on the floor, the one remaining having surrendered his weapons.

Session 8 - Off a Duck's Back
Wherein the heroes discover that four heads are better than seven.

11:30am, 14 Eleasis, 926PR

With the previous battle proving more challenging with only four heroes, Rosesand decided to check on Anon and Xeraphax. The drow had recovered somewhat from his previous incapacitated state to be simply hungover. The half-elf, however, was still worse for wear. As the paladin prepared himself for some hands-on healing, Anon descended through the grate to the sewer.

He found there Bola and Spork, staring at the sewage. Suddenly Nom popped up out of the water, claiming to have found something. It is unclear whether he revealed what it was to the rest of the party.

As the four heroes rounded the corner, they saw an Abyssal Spitter in front of a silent, roiling mass of red energy swirls in a rune-scribed alcove. Inside the glow, insubstantial demonic figures stretched and twisted.

After a brutal and bloody fight, during which Bola and Nom’s combined arcane might quelled the portal and the monster grew a total of six new heads, Anon was left unconscious and his comrades were on the brink of collapse. After a moment’s rest, the heroes were back on their feet.

All player characters have reached level 12.


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