Red tokens grant a +1 bonus to a single d20 roll. A red token is awarded to a player that substantially resolves his turn within 2 minutes. ‘Substantially resolve’ in this context means all actions declared and rolls made, even if damage and effects are not yet completely recorded by the DM. Three red tokens may be used to purchase a green token.

Green tokens grant a +2 bonus to a single d20 roll. Green tokens may be purchased for three red tokens, or awarded by the DM at his discretion. Three green tokens may be traded in for a roll on the Table o’ Fun.

Black tokens represent Action Points.

Purple tokens may be used to alter a significant element of the plot, as the DM allows. Purple tokens are awarded by the DM for exceptional contributions to the game.

Multiple tokens may be accrued, but only a single token of particular type may be played at a time.


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