Out of Somnia

Session 46 - Hammerfall
Wherein the heroes' uppance comes.

Underground natives are released from the thrall of the gibbering orb and anoint Xeraphax their martyr and leader.
Deployment tunnel is completed and array deployed.
Party travels to Hammerfast through the tunnel to join the battle of Hammerfast.
Party fights Morgoff and loses.
Party is saved by squadrons of flying Xeraphites.

Session 45 - Fish Breath Weapon
Wherein the heroes land a big one.

Party is informed that the array cannot be deployed due to breach in deployment tunnel.
Party investigates and finds gibbering orb.
Party fights orb.
Orb is killed by summoned fish with Xeraphax’s dying breath.

Session 44 - Xeraphax
Wherein the heroes make their own choice.

Thornbriar sacrifices his own life to balance the Raven Queen’s ledger.
Thornbriar possesses Splug.
Xeraphax proclaims himself the new Chosen One.
Party decides to take the side of the goblins.
Splug authorises deployment of ‘the array’.

Session 43 - Charismagic
Wherein the heroes befriend the sexiest goblin alive.

Party convinces Morgoff to belay attack on goblin citadel to attempt diplomatic resolution.
Nom converts a goblin to the Order of the Low Blow and infuses goblin with irresistible charisma.
Goblin leads party through citadel to the Chosen One.

Session 42 - Worlds Apart
Wherein the heroes enjoy an unplanned reunion.

Party travels through portal to Athas.
Party finds Spork being revered by locals as a guru.
FIzban stays behind in Spork’s place as Spork rejoins party.

Session 41 - Siege the Day
Wherein the heroes discover a treasure trove of toys.

Party discovers room full of siege engines.
Party fights robot titan guarding room.

Session 39 - Altared Plans
Wherein the heroes take a good look at themselves.

Party awakes in a dungeon.
Party finds goblins performing ritual in front of a mirror.
Party fights goblins and some characters spend time trapped inside the mirror.
Party smashes mirror, releasing hundreds of corpses and one live eladrin, Fizban Darkmagic.

Session 38 - Mind Tickler
Wherein the heroes reach their intended destination.

Party reaches top of spire.
Party finds mind flayer who seems to be expecting them.
Thornbriar throws confetti.
Party defeats mind flayer easily.
Party finds and presses button.
Spire explodes.

Session 37 - True Beauty
Wherein the heroes actually fight a beholder this time.

Party encounters beholder while ascending spire.

Session 36 - They Look Like Ants
Wherein the heroes divide their attention but make good progress.

Party is awoken by Gulliver.
Gulliver is pulling a train load of dwarves led by Morgoff.
Morgoff advises the dwarves will be marching on the goblin citadel.
Party advises it will travel ahead to confront The Chosen One.
Nom has mysterious conversation with goblin captive.
Gulliver carries party and captive towards spire, stomping on villages and encampments along the way.
Door at base of spire is locked. Gulliver smashes door with The Goblinator.
Party enters spire to scene of carnage.
Nom releases captive.
Party ascends staircase around circumference of spire.
Party triggers trap, releasing rolling boulders.
First boulder rolls over top of party
Rosesand obstructs path of remaining boulders.


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