Out of Somnia

Session 1 - Supply, Interrupted

Wherein the heroes discover that things are not always as they seem.

11:00am, 8 Eleasis, 926PR

The Last Resort was enjoying some R&R after defeating The Other Guys to the MacGuffin in the local Slumberton Inn when they were approached by Nera. She told us that an Oni Mage called Estavan had a job for us, if we were willing to listen, and paid 10pp up front.

The party went upstairs to meet with Estavan who gave us the quest, Supply, Interrupted and directed us to meet with a local trader by the name of Fesdin Crale who would be able to sell us a key to a nearby portal which would take us to Sigil to begin our quest.

The party went to Crale’s Arcane Wonders and met with someone they believe to be Fesdin Crale, who sold them a key to the Slumberton Portal.

On entering the Slumberton Portal the party found itself in a crypt with seemingly no exits, and several beasties who were quite eager to put an end to us. The party managed to kill four wights, while a Phase Spider that was in the room managed to escape.



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