Out of Somnia

Session 10 - What Moral Dilemma?

Wherein the heroes shake off a momentary bout of compassion.

2:00pm, 14 Eleasis, 926PR

The drow stood before the party, hands up and head down, utterly defeated. Bola and Nom silently returned to the bar as Rosesand tied the captive to a chair.

The owner of the inn, a gruff but kind dwarf named Dolgur Farlode, emerged from the kitchen into the common room to investigate the commotion, and on seeing the mess began to mutter and curse to himself in dwarven before walking back into the kitchen.

Rosesand, Spork, Xeraphax and Anon left Bola and Nom at the bar and dragged their chair-bound captive upstairs to their room. A brief interrogation revealed that the drow’s group had been hired to murder Anon and Xeraphax, but due to the workings of the assassin’s guild the name of the person that commissioned the job was unknown. The drow also gave up the payment for the contract (later found to be a sum of 6,400 gold pieces) and pleaded for his life.

While Spork and Anon were very much in favour of killing the captive, Xeraphax protested. Rosesand to discuss the matter with Dolgur, but was given precious little time before Spork called downstairs to Bola. As the minotaur made his way upstairs, Rosesand came to a realisation, and quickly rushed to catch up.

The cleric and the paladin reached their quarters at the same time, both drawing their weapons and striking from opposite sides at the drow’s neck. Bola’s blade bit first, leaving the assassin spouting blood for a moment before Rosesand’s sword finished the job, sending the head of the drow tumbling on to the floor.

Returning to the common room, the heroes found Nom still at the bar, where he mentioned something about developing a ‘new technique’ as he continued to drink. The rest of the party decided his strategy was sound, and settled in for a well-earned rest. After a hearty lunch and a delicious dinner, the party retired, although Nom refused to leave the bar.

5:30am, 15 Eleasis, 926PR

The next morning Nom was missing from the common room. The inn’s staff informed the party that he’d been taken to the local infirmary for treatment. After a quick visit to ensure his wellbeing, the party made its way to Ramander the Wise. The portal expert had completed his divination, and recounted the discoveries he had made.

The portal key, he said, activated a portal that had not yet been constructed. There was no way to tell where or when this construction was to take place. What Ramander could tell,however, was the as yet uncreated portal’s destination: The Abyss. Since the City of Doors contained several portals to The Abyss already, he reasoned, the new portal was unlikely to be constructed there. More likely was somewhere in Somnia itself, although Ramamder professed to be of no assistance in that regard.

The party decided to retrace its steps, and took the portal back to Tradegate. Master Trader Duncam, although pleased to see the heroes, knew nothing of the construction of new portals to The Abyss, and was less than receptive to the idea that he might pay to be protected from one. He did assure the party that should a portal to The Abyss ever threaten Tradegate, he would be in touch and was confident the heroes would be well rewarded for their effort.

A young boy raced out of the administration offices, waving a letter. Duncam explained that it had arrived for The Last Resort yesterday, and was scheduled to be delivered to Sigil that afternoon, but that it did look important. Affixed with the seal of the Dawnforge dwarves, the letter carried a degree of significance. It read:

Your aid is requested urgently in Hammerfast. Please make haste.

9:00am, 15 Eleasis, 926PR

After a brief montage during which the party popped in and out of various portals between Sigil and the natural world but found no clues regarding portal construction, the party decided to make its way to Hammerfast as requested. A brief enquiry led the heroes to a portal to the town of Harkenshield, east of the Dawnforge mountains and two hours by horseback to Hammerfast itself. The dwarves of Harkenshield furnished the heroes with horses for the trip and they promptly set off up the road.

As the road began to steepen the heroes were stopped by a tremendous screech from the sky. Looking up, they found its source was a three-headed dragon careering towards them, with what appeared to be nothing less than a goblin atop it. Once engaged in battle, Anon was able to subdue the goblin before the dragon fled, bloodied and beaten.



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