Out of Somnia

Session 2 - Tradegate

Wherein the heroes learnt to entreat with demons.

12:30pm, 8 Eleasis, 926PR

After the portal in the crypt was reactivated, the heroes returned to Slumberton to find Crale’s Arcane Wonders empty. A brief search revealed a back room containing a door concealing a brick wall, which turned out to be a portal to the town of Tradegate.

In Tradegate the heroes discovered all the townspeople asleep, and some strange glowing lights at the town square. They found an female eladrin performing a ritual using rods placed in the ground, seemingly to disrupt or destroy the portal that gave the town its name.

The eladrin was guarded by a number of cyclopses and a pair of demons. The party managed to dispatch their foes in short order, although not before the eladrin escaped through the portal after shape-shifting into a male human.

After the townspeople awoke, the heroes spoke to Master Trader Duncam, the administrator of the portal. While unable to shed any light on the identity of the eladrin, he was able to provide the party with the key to the portal: the phrase “the centre of all things.” After a brief stop at the local ritual shop, the party made their way through the portal to Sigil.

4:00pm, 8 Eleasis, 926PR

Immediately beyond the other side of the portal, the party discovered a discarded flyer for the House of Song at the Gatehouse Night Market in Sigil. On the back of the flyer was scrawled the name Tarvas.

The heroes sought out the raavasta named A’kin, the owner of the Friendly Fiend, a magical trinket shop in the Hive. Despite his friendly and outgoing demeanour, A’kin couldn’t mask an undertone of tension, which seemed to pervade the entire populace. It seemed the cause of this tension was an increasing shortage of food, drink and other essentials within Sigil. Rumour had it riots had even begun to break out.

The adventurers also discovered that the supplier of cavefire wine to the Festival of Doors was Tos, a female dwarf. After making their way to the Gatehouse Night Market, the party found only a handful of merchants in the process of setting up their stalls for the night.



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