Out of Somnia

Session 3 - Gatehouse Night Market

Wherein the heroes get in a fight.

5:00pm, 8 Eleasis, 926PR

The heroes made their way through the Gatehouse Night Market while various stalls and shops were in the process of being set up. As they rounded a corner out of an alley, they were confronted by a hostile group in an area devoid of merchants, although plenty of stalls were present. The apparent leader, a male human, stood atop a roof with the eladrin woman the party had encountered in Tradegate. Accompanying them were pairs of ogre bludgeoneers, arctide runespiral demons and bloodcry barlguras.

A vicious battle ensued during which the ogres proved to be little threat, while the demons, barlguras and the human displayed a measure of brutality not seen by the party since before their showdown with The Other Guys. Anon’s bravado proved his undoing as he was surrounded and cut off from his comrades while he lay dying on the ground. Spork was also cut down briefly before being rescued.

Nom’s first hand experience with razorvine failed to prevent him from frequently finding face with fist and foot alike. Rosesand’s blade steadfastly refused to draw blood except in aid of others. Bola traded blows with a barlgura, grimly determined to capture its soul in his helm, before the compulsion to assist his fellow adventurers drew him back to the group. To everyone’s surprise and noticed even in the midst of heavy combat, Xeraphax used his feet for more than standing, skirting the skrimish and even drawing the ire of a barlgura himself.

A short while after the battle started, the human disappeared. With significant bloodshed on both sides, the battle rages on…



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