Out of Somnia

Session 5 - Warehouse Showdown

Wherein the heroes thwart the evil plan and save the festival.

2:00am, 9 Eleasis, 926PR

In the overwhelming darkness of the cave a pair of eyes blinked open, casting an eerie blue light. Each of them bigger than Anon’s head, they stared at him, unblinking. In a completely unexpected move, Anon drew his dagger and stabbed one of the eyes.

The eyes blinked shut and disappeared, revealing a small round cave lit by a campfire. At the back of the cave lay a decrepit old human, who pleaded with Anon not to hurt him and to leave him alone. As the rest of the party approached it became clear that he represented no threat.

A few questions revealed the man’s name to be Malkyr, and the reason for his presence in the cave. After stumbling through a series of tunnels in the Shadowfell, Malkyr discovered the cavefire mushrooms. Desperate for food, he tried eating the mushrooms and found them so tasty he couldn’t bring himself to leave the cave. After an unknown period of time spent enjoying the mushrooms, Malkyr was unceremoniously run out of the cave by an angry dwarf, who claimed the mushrooms as his own and threatened Malkyr with death if he were ever to return. Since then Malkyr was reduced to hiding in another cave and occasionally making forays back to steal enough mushrooms to survive.

When the heroes offered to assist Malkyr in leaving the cave he declined initially, but on hearing that the dwarf was dead changed his mind and gleefully accepted the offer.

After making their way back to the mushroom cave, the party found that almost all the mushrooms had been harvested, and the body of Thom missing. A brief search turned up a few notes; the only one of interest being a map of Sigil highlighting the location of a warehouse owned by the Planar Trade Consortium, in the city’s Market Ward.

On attempting to return to the portal to Sigil, the heroes found the arrows that guided them on the way in had disappeared. Following an exhausting effort and an impressive display of arcane knowledge by Spork, the party arrived at the portal without further incident.

Back in Sigil, the party found that it was no longer night. Making their way back to the House of Song in the Hive, no trace of Tos could be found, but the overheard conversations within the festhall revealed that the Festival of Doors was scheduled to commence that evening.

12:00pm, 11 Eleasis, 926PR

The heroes left Malkyr at the House of Song, where he seemed quite happy to drink beer and chat with the locals, and made their way to the Market Ward. There they found an angry mob had formed, protesting an apparent lack of supplies for the festival, and possibly even for the city as a whole. Approaching the warehouse, the party saw through the windows a dim light that occasionally flashed bright.

Anon picked the lock on the side door and the party crept closer to the source of the flashing lights. There they found Tarvas performing a ritual using four circles engraved into the floor. Accompanying him was an assortment of demons. After a short but brutal fight the heroes prevailed.



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