Out of Somnia

Session 9 - Sneaky Attack

Wherein the heroes are treated to a demonstration of the term 'like a wounded bull'.

12:00pm, 14 Eleasis, 926PR

Anon, Bola, Nom and Spork emerged from the sewer to find Rosesand assisting Xeraphax, who seemed to have regained some semblance of motor function. Despite the odour, the party found itself to have attained a positive reputation among the people of Sigil as the heroes made their way back to the inn.

On arrival it was decided that Nom and Rosesand would attend to the shopping needs of the group, leaving behind the rest to watch Bola turn an unwitting ale-drinker into a gnome missile. Almost immediately on their return, a trio of drow emerged upstairs and began to fire crossbow bolts at the party. Through the front door arrived another pair of drow wielding two swords each.

Half a minute later four of the five drow lay dead on the floor, the one remaining having surrendered his weapons.


After pouring a beer from what is left of the taps at the bar, Nom sits back to watch (presumably Rosesand) intimidate some details out of the drow. He’ll be using Insight (17) as he does, trying to glean if the little bugger is lying.

Session 9 - Sneaky Attack

Anon feels a tad of concern over the fact it was a group of Drow that attacked us and the fact the leader of the party seemed to have a interest in Anon is even more concerning as he thought that he had been forgotten as an outcast of the Drow. Anon chooses to assist Roseand in his intimidation so that we can find out what their objective/reasons were !

Anon Thinks to himself “Surely they don’t know about me and my hatred for the Drow current state of hierarchy? no one does, except me”

Session 9 - Sneaky Attack

Bola heads back to the bar with Nom. Rosie and Anon have this covered

Yet, what is their issue with us?

Session 9 - Sneaky Attack

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