About Somnia

Above all else, two events dominate the recorded history of Somnia: The Reckoning and The Rise of the Goblin Empire. It is in the context of these things that all other history is recounted.

Before The Reckoning, humans were the dominant race on Somnia. Their glorious civilization spanned the entire continent of Lemuria. With technology beyond imagination, Lemuria enjoyed a reputation as a wondrous and overwhelmingly good place.

After the continent sank, the ocean rushed to fill the void left by it, lowering Somnia’s sea level significantly and in turn altering the coastlines of the two remaining continents, Leria and Muria . A land bridge connecting the two continents was exposed.

Previously densely populated, the inhabitants of Leria soon spread out to cover the entirety of the new land mass. From their home in the Dawnforge mountains, the dwarves rushed to claim the new eastern coast and land bridge to New Muria.

In the east, Muria was the first of Somnia’s continents to be populated by sentient races, and contained within it a number of ancient kingdoms. With The Reckoning exposing new land to be claimed, it wasn’t long before disputes arose. The Border Wars were sporadic, but lasted on and off for over twenty years.

After the sinking of Lemuria and the subsequent change in coastline, a narrow body of water known as the Dire Strait was all that separated Leria and Muria. The name is due to the proliferation of enormous, horrible (but thankfully sea-bound) creatures, bent on destruction. Sailors are difficult to find, and even more difficult to afford. The ocean that surrounds New Leria and New Muria is populated by even larger abominations than the strait, and is accordingly uncharted.

As the decades passed following The Reckoning, a new threat emerged. Schisms, as they became known, began to spring up all over what remained of the world. The schisms increased in frequency and intensity, culminating around 100PR when the nation of Ksathen was consumed by a schism entirely. The beasts that spewed forth from the schism overran village and city alike, leaving no survivors.

Following the destruction of Ksathen the ferocity of schisms sudsided rapidly. By 110PR schisms were mostly harmless and short-lived, and only occasionally presented a danger to those nearby. This state of things has persisted to the present day, although rumours circulate now and then regarding larger schisms in remote locations.

In the centuries since, the minor wars between the nations of Muria have been overshadowed by the rise of goblin empire in Leria. In approximately 175PR, villages and towns began to experience raids by bands of goblins, much larger in number than usual and certainly more organised. These raids increased steadily until 199PR, when a massive army swept the continent, crushing all opposition and causing all other races to flee to the east.

Those lucky enough to make it to the Dawnforge mountains found refuge with the dwarves there, who used the tactical advantage provided by the terrain to repel the goblin invaders. In the almost eight hundred years since, the dwarves have held fast, remaining the last line of defence for the civilised world. None who have ventured west through the mountains have ever returned, but tales are told of the construction by the goblins of machines of war, terrible beyond measure, that may one day crush the mountains themselves and signal the beginning of the end of the world.

About Somnia

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